Sea Monster

by J-Robin

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I called up Maxime Robin and asked him if he had any cloudy beats.
He sent me a crateful.

I wrote narration raps over some of the beats.
It came out in english, my mother tongue.

Maxime mixed it all up.

Thanks for listening,


released October 9, 2015

Words : Jérémie McEwen
Beats, mix : Maxime Robin
Except track 3 : beat by Drackq
Recording : Xavier Constant
Monster drawing : Patrice Charbonneau-Brunelle
Design : Jérémie McEwen
Photos : Sarianne Cormier, Marion Desjardins, Rafaël Proulx Langlois



all rights reserved


J-Robin Montreal, Québec

J is Jérémie McEwen aka Maître J, a philosophy teacher from Montreal. Robin is Maxime Robin, a beatmaker from Trois- Rivières.

J, c'est Jérémie McEwen aka Maître J, un prof de philo au cégep. Robin c'est Maxime Robin, un faiseur de rythmes de Trois-Rivières.
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Track Name: Sea Monster
Celebration starts early
Softest touches fall down on me
Set the sails high :
In the distance disappears our country.
Let young hearts burn and cry
No one likes to be in a hurry.
Sun sets on brightest skies
No one here but us, mercy!

The sea monster sleeps deeply
Deep beneath our sighs he sees me
We know it's never easy
But time is on our side.
An angry sea is awfully quiet,
I remember every face I've met!
It's the same for you I bet,
But everybody's got something to hide.
The monster always awakens
Around this time at spring.
My resolve is seldom shaken,
But tonight I feel an inkling.
Tingles to down my spine,
Wind blows as I sip your wine,
I'm looking at you from behind
With nothing to declare.
Track Name: A Good Friend
Sick if preachers, sick of Moses,
No doors to break down it’s open
No mountain, no tablets:
There are only habits.
Are you satisfied yet
With how many good answers you get?
Questions to each other
Remain unanswered.
I did not write this like my thesis,
Lauryn Hill get over it.
If my teacher sees this,
He won’t see kosher shit!
I treat this like a good friend
See them often, laugh and lend
A helping hand :
Treat your work like you’d like to be treated.
Too many thinkers think alike
Some beacons do remain unaligned
Kindness drips towards inside
To places yet unseen.
Too many things
For no reason being said.
Too many human beings
Satisfied with what they’re fed.

Too many rappers
And way too few poets.
Too many newspapers
Too few classics.
Too many bucket lists
For one or two crazy trips,
Way too much emphasis
Put on passing useless tests.
There are no second chances
At intercepting fresh glances;
Borderline romances
Are the only kind.
I can’t hear what you’re saying :
I’m busy helping out the hostess.
It’s not a popularity contest.
To be honest, we’re all blind.
Track Name: Ted Williams
Images stumble upon one another
Passing softly from smiles to laughter.
Having fun done so easily!
Starting out in the sun,
Ending up being silly.
It will break, it always does :
Sadly heartache bears no cause.
The come and somehow they go,
There is no freedom entangled in hopes.
Dreams of eternity swish slippery slopes;
Their only shadow : anything can happen.

Don't know how to live, I never will.
I try to give beyond cheap thrills.
Still I wonder how many lives I'll blunder :
How many crimes, how many misdemeanours.
Joy and hardship, try to keep a good average :
Ted Williams, four hundred, the last one to have done it!
I guess if I manage one or two facets,
If only once I catch it looking over my shoulder!

Supper time hits hard all around the globe
I can almost taste the bizarre hunger the I don't know of.
Disasters don't always make headline news
But we can choose to flee to the underground.
I'm walking around in untied shoes.
I might fall down : refuse to loose.
I might crawl, straight to the cliff
Jump, no miss, pure bliss.
Track Name: Taking Control
Don't stop me now?
I don't know how!
Far away from the crowd,
We've found our place.
To those screaming, I ask :
Who is hearing?
All left is feeling
We know our place.
Time running faster,
My hands disbanding anger
Two rights aren't an answer
Celebrate and sing!
Timeless gaps - where we relax
I'm getting fat, but who is counting?
This heart of mine shines through the windows
In the life we chose
Both friends and foes.
They shine their crowns
But no one listens
Secrets remain hidden
To those trapped in missions.
The light gets dim
But I think of them
One taken on the chin
Will likely bring a friend.
Lend a helping hand
Most often unseen;
Those in the sand :
Keep mindful of the dirt.

J-Robin :
Taking control of the airwaves.
Taking control of the sea waves.
Any wave you got, we pretty much cover it.
Track Name: We Need It
Feeling stupid and silly
Funny bone feeling itchy
Making her laugh never seemed so easy
I realize I'm already lucky.
Up all night tickling
The world outside seems sickening
Lets stay in : stay winning.
Eternal light : keep shining.
Hidden faces under the covers,
All mine and none for the others.
Hold on tight when I touch her,
Hope this thing's got autoreverse.

Memories become unsound if sought to be repeated.
We'll laugh until we come unfound
We'll laugh because we need it!
Writing this she's in the other room
I hear her giggle and I'll come to her soon.
No time like mid-afternnon to find out that I love her.
Liquid swords hit hard in the heart.
We're children, in the kitchen
The best secrets remains hidden
The world goes 'round we're kissing.
Track Name: Airspace
Fly away far far from here
To a place that we both now.
Hidden treasures will keep you near
To where there's nothing left to show.
Planets align every thousand years
Then it's gone, but still no tears.
Tonight, no end in sight,
If you ask I might : the sky is clear.
Please, come, say yes
There are no grounds for rest.
Forward marches, bright lit torches :
The apocalypse has got nothing on us.

Unchartered airspace
Falsely aimless, still I place
Much wonder over what it means :
Without gravity, only dreams.
The ceiling is no longer the limit,
The sky just a cheap holy gimmick!
No more rooms for walls of hope
If there is no freedom, I'll find where is it!
Every so often, things get stirred
Simple contact creates vast worlds.
Why not live up there : tell me
Why were we so scared?
No crowds will gather,
Only skies, only dark matter
All alone but still together…
What were we taking about?